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Microprocessor firmware,

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[Motorola 68HC11 picture]

Microprocessor firmware,

F arnsworth
Engineering Services
Post Office Box 176
Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania
General Manager - Arthur L. Farnsworth, M.S., P.E.
(267) 287-3577

Specializing in embedded microprocessor applications

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Do You Need?

An experienced microprocessor firmware engineer?

An engineer with experience on multiple processors in many languages?

A firmware design that includes quality design/description documentation?

Look no further!

Farnsworth Engineering Services is able to provide experience in the following expertise areas:

Motorola 68HC11 family Assembly language
Intel 80x86 C
Hitachi H8S/2238 FORTRAN
Intel 8088 BASIC
Arduino (Atmel) HTML
Products Produced Communications
Fiber optic transmitters RS-232
Industrial public address system RS-485
Communications receivers/jammers Parallel I/O
Modulation Recognizer IEEE-488
Documentation Other Services
Test Requirements Documents Web site design
Serial Communications Protocol Database design
Version Description Documents Schematic design
Firmware Description Documents Musical synthesizer repair
MIL-STD documentation Arcade game restoration

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